Top Places To Hike In The US


If you are an outdoor person who enjoys spending time in the wilderness then this article is great for you. Finding the amazing hiking destination can be a little bit tricky if you are picky and want the experience of a lifetime. There are some who enjoy views of mountain glaciers that give that shimmering, especially during sunrise or sunset. Some love the idea of a hiking trail ending up in a secluded, private beach which is perfect for resting. And most of the people prefer a hiking trail that ends up at the perfect camping site that has the most fascinating views of the surrounding environments. Not to worry because in this article we have come up with some of the famous hiking trails in the United States. Be rest assured we have something for everyone and we will make your hiking experience magical.

Grand Canyon national park
This is the most toured national park in the United States. According to statistics more than 5 million visitors pass through the Grand Canyon gates each year to see the fascinating vistas. An interesting fact is that more than 30000 people apply for permits to hike across the Grand Canyon but only 13000 permits are issued. If you don’t want to miss out on the perfect hike of your life then avoid the last minute rush and apply for your permit earlier enough to secure a place. It’s preferable to apply for a gate permit at the north rim as compared to the south rim as this gets less traffic and gets 10% of the permits.

Glacier national park
This park is adorned by gorgeous glaciers that cover the mountain peaks. Not to mention the amazing landscape that depicts this as a paradise to hike and spend some time. Glacier national park has more than 730 miles of marked hiking trails that will surely take your breath away. Most of the people who set foot in this park are here to hike and explore the park. The most attractive feature in this park is the famous glacier peaks. Unfortunately, due to global warming and climate change, the glaciers are melting at a high rate. In 1850 the park had 150 glaciers which were magnificent but right now the park has only 23 glaciers. This is quite sad for the future generations who won’t be able to see the magnificent beauty and uniqueness of the world and what the world has to offer. According to researchers, they are predicting a decrease in the number of glaciers tremendously.

Yosemite national park
Nothing spells fascinating and spectacular like the Yosemite national park in California. Among all the national parks this qualifies to be the most fascinating and spellbound National Park. Lined up with its gorgeous landscape and amazing land terrains makes this park a perfect destination for hikers. The Yosemite national park is as large as Rhode Island, fascinating. The park has an 800 miles hiking trail which is enough to satisfy the number of hikers that explore the park every day. With more than 3.5 million people visiting this park and over 15000 backcountry permits for night hikers issued every year. This ensures that people have a lot of fun in the park. The park is filled with dense forests with lush green vegetation that is perfect for hiking and camping. Glacier formed mountains that give that outstanding view of true nature’s beauty and it’s filled with lakes, rivers with no shortage of wildlife. Make sure you have all the proper gear if hiking here as its pretty hardcore! A GPS enabled hiking watch would be essential.

Kalalau trail
Hawaii is the famous vacation destination all year round. Filled with its amazing beaches and forests this puts it in the top finest places to travel to. Kalalau trail is an exception hiking trail that is surrounded with lush vegetation and cool climate. Picture this waking up in the morning and following a hidden trail that leads you to an amazing private beach that is perfect for camping. Then you don’t have to imagine all this because Kalalau trail is the perfect hiking trail because it has this and many more. Surrounded by lovely environment and gorgeous sceneries that will take your breath away just by walking by. The trail leads to an old agricultural terrace which is overgrown with mangoes, guavas, and java plums. All the ripe fruits on the trees are for you to take and enjoy the juiciness of Hawaii fruits. At the end of this fascinating hike trail, you find yourself in the most gorgeous beach to relax and enjoy yourself.

Red River Gorge
If you want the Jurassic wilderness experience to tell your future generation then the red river gorge is the perfect destination. The gorge is filled with unique geological features like the hidden caves, exposed rock faces, natural stone arches, and giant sandstone cliffs. This is by far the most fascinating and among the best places for rock climbers as it provides ultimate adrenaline rush when on top of the rocks. Surrounded by one of the most beautiful forests and green lush vegetation to ensure that you have fun and adventure when hiking.

Zion national park
Who said deserts don’t have a lot to offer. Then you should try visiting the Zion national park and be awed by the magnificent features of this park. This will ensure that you have the amazing experience and see the diverse ecology in the park. The park is surrounded by wildlife that will give you the nature experience of seeing the gorgeous wildness. Furthermore, you can take a day’s hike and get to see the high sandstone canyon walls, the amazing waterfalls and the great valley of the Virgin River. Make sure you have secured the backcountry permit that will allow you to have an overnight excursion. If you are a gorge hiking lover then this is the perfect hiking trail for you as it is filled with some of the world’s fascinating gorges. Experience hiking on some of the narrowest wall canyons in the country. Some of these canyons are very narrow that you can’t pass carrying a backpack and you have to pass it through the other end. Unfortunately, these narrow canyons are not favorable for claustrophobics.

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